The SOMC Council

SOMC meeting

The core of SOMC’s mission is to community protection and prevention of future sexual violence. The Council meets monthly and discusses these issues, proactively sharing information and best practices in this rapidly-developing field.

diverse council SOMC is a collaborative inter-agency council focused on the development and implementation of standards for the assessment, treatment and supervision of sex offenders and community education for the prevention of sexual assault. Council membership includes representation from the following professional groups: District Attorney's office, City Attorney’s office, Public Defender's office, Probation, Parole, Law Enforcement, Polygraph Examiners, Victim Advocates, Offender and Victim Assessment and Treatment Service Providers.


In 1999, the leadership in San Diego County made a commitment to improve public safety by looking critically at the manner in which sex offenders were identified, assessed and managed. This examination identified weaknesses and gaps in the system. With the assistance of Federal funds, and technical support from identified "best practices", San Diego County defined a plan to improve the quality and effectiveness of sex offender management with the support of a Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management Implementation Grant.

SOMC members dedicated over 1000 hours in the development of a community education curriculum and a community notification protocol that has been adopted by all San Diego law enforcement agencies. The approaches below have become model "best practice" tools for sex offender management.

New Approaches

Improved risk assessment and evaluation
Specialized sex offender treatment and supervision
Improved accuracy and efficiency of sex offender registration
The development and implementation of a prevention-based community education curriculum
Evaluation of process and programs

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This pdf document outlines the strategies defined and implemented by San Diego County to improve and evaluate the effectiveness of sex offender management. The main text of the 2003 Final Report may be viewed by clicking the title contained here, or the image to the left. The Appendix documents exceed electronic file size transfer limitations, but may be obtained by contacting the SOMC Coordinator.